Saturday, June 24, 2017

Having fun with Meditation

Integrative soul medicine of the homo inspired.


Once more to the (refugee) Breach dear friends

Trying to figure out once more how the spin behaves in the storm. There are so many lies and so many corruptions that we are becoming immune.

Here is a link to the Hellstorm which I tried to find in the end of the video but gave up on.


It doesn’t make sense

A midnight rant, everything and nothing. Analysing parts of history which Mainstream media never discusses and Conspiracy theorists – and analysts – never look into either.


Meditation, Geopolitics and exposing Isis

There are many forms of Medition and all the useful ones are hidden from you and the hypnotic ones presented to you. This is the biggest debunk ever.


Science is a hoax and Philosphy is a a cheap con

The Newtonian worldview is partly based on Humanist propaganda and hypnosis. The chiselers have not only fooled you, hypnotized and gagged you, but you tied the knot on your spiritual famine.

The banned TED talks:


A true revolution is on the rise

A stone made in the fire of pure faith, thrown at the feet of a those who stand for nothing, will bring about the change we all want.


Reflect on the price on your head

Everything has to do with Faith, Value, and Self. The greatest of conspiracies, is to get you to let down the guard and to sacrifice your Soul.


The Poison Words Conspiracy

Snake magic is rooted in symbols and words, some of them so secret that we are never told of even the language itself.


The angels of the seven consciousnesses

Understanding the truth of no truth and the power of grass. Reflecting on how Conscious and conscience play together when contributing to how to see and what to see, or how to get out of self deception.


The war on Soul

Religions are complicated ideologies involving metaphysical projection. Your mindtrigger is owned, and your mindspots controlled, and if you know The Truths, then the war is lost without a battle.


Aylan the refugee boy and the petrominds

The western mainstream media constantly shows you Terrorism, for the simple reason to hide the Nato terrorism. Ask yourself only one question; what becomes of twelve million dreams? Then readup on carpet bombing.


All wars are a crime against Humanity and against God

The Nuremberg Tribunal, was a Legalese discourse among terrorist nationstates about what is or is not a legal war, is a hoax, a swindle, and a deception.



Debunking Tolkien and LOTR

How can you see the true mysteries with your eyes wide shut, and soul under lock and key? Analyzing J.R.R. Tolkien’s great saga The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, and what it tells us about Freemasonry.



A culture made from jelly beans

If you don’t know who you are, then how should you know who I am? Much less anything else. The Nato Chrystal legion, is part of a war between worldviews.



The Tabernacle warps itself around who enters

In every nanosecond the Universe recreates itself, effortlessly, through us. If we are petrified, then so is it. If we are selfdestructive, the so is it.


The conspiracy model of the masonic Wraiths

Every conspiracy theory is based on assumptions and mindspots. The mainstream as well as others. Even mine.


How to find the Divine State of the Human Race

The kingdom of God, or the kingdom of the heavens, or kingdom come, is the only lawful state. Legality is not lawful, but Satanic.


Reflecting on Gaddafi, Libya, Saddam and Iraq

You can not kill an idea with a gun, you can not suffociate an idea with impriosnment and you cannot starve an idea by silence. An Idea is invisible, but once believed comes alive.

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