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StreetRogue is dedicated to the video rants of Guy Ellis Hreinberg. The focus of the website is to provide links to videos and audio work where he reflects on how he sees the world.
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Some of the media reflects on idiosyncracies and others reflect on state of awareness or human consciousness, all of them are intended as a “description of the world as I see it.” There’s no need to take the site all too seriously, as it is more of a library collection of thoughts rather than an attempt at defining a definite truth.

If you’re happy with this work or if you have complaints about something, then keep it to yourself. It is a delight to observe the world and study society, culture and history, from various angles. Sometimes we like what we discover, and sometimes we make it available to others and in many cases we participate in open discussions with likeminded people.

All posts are organized into Categories and Tags. The aim is that a reader who is interested in particular subject should be able to find related material easily and freely connect dots. Also it is possible access material through a Search feature.



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